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ATPC project implementation


The African Trade Policy Center(ATPC) has continued to support the African Alliance for E-Commerce by granting the publication and sensitization on Single Window concept in the amount of USD 177,000. The grantwassigned on 18 September 2017.
The Project implementationperiodis 1 year and includes the followingcomponents:

  1. Production, publication and promotion of the version 2 of the Guide for Single Window Implementation in Africa;
  2. Translation the new guide in English;
  3. Printinghard copies for African Trade actors;
  4. Update the version 2 of the guide in www.swguide.org;
  5. Organization of 6 regional workshops to raise awareness of Single Window implementation in Africa;
  6. Capacity building through a fellowship program in ATPC. From March to October 2018, AAEC has implemented the five listed activities. Only one activity remains, it about the fellowship in Addis for 3 months.

The narrative report is attached to the present report.


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