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Participation at the meeting on the Electronic certificate of origin and TFA measures, Ouagadougou 23-27 July 2018


Visit of the VP Administration in AAEC Secretariat, 5 to 9 November 2018.
As part of recommendation at the executivecommitteeheld in Abidjan, the Vice President in charge of administration wastasked to see to the execution of the agreement in the signed MOU between GIANDE 2000 and the Alliance. He wasexpected to visitSenegal to discussamongotherthings the following key components of the MOU:

  • Clarification of any outstanding issues of the MOU
  • Confirm with GAINDE 2000 the allocation of dedicated office for the Alliance
  • Asses the program co-ordinator contract with GAINDE in the view of designing a road map for a virtual transfer to AACE.

The report is available and shared with AAEC board. 


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