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  • Electronic Certificate of Origin (ECO) initiative (WAEMU, CEMAC)
  • Inter regional pilot projects (Africa Regional Economic Communities and other around the world)
  • Single Window implementation guide
  • Standards implementation guide
  • Paperless implementation guide
  • Worldwide Alliance promotion
  • Facilitate WTO TFA implementation in Africa
  • Cooperation agreement with other organization
  • Technical partnership agreements with donors (to support projects and Technical Assistance)


African Trade Portal
Boosting Intra African trade through the establishment of a foreign Trade portal.
Ready to facilitate the implementation of WTO TFA agreement in Africa
In the run up to the WTO Ministerial in Bali, AAEC hosted a workshop which brought together...
CEMAC-Electronic Certificate of Origin
Electronic Certificate of Origin (ECO) initiative between Cameroon and Congo.
WAEMU-Electronic Certificate of Origin.
Electronic Certificate of Origin (ECO) initiative between Senegal and Ivory Coast.


Workshops to raise awareness on Single Window implementation
It seeks to unveil the concept, arouse the interest of different stakeholders, and finally push them to act towards the implementation through the adoption of a roadmap.
Impact of single windows on the passage of goods across ports and on the trade facilitation in general
With the support of the World Bank, an assessment of the impact of 5 operational single windows, through the peer review mechanism, was conducted by the AAEC.
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