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The African Alliance for e-Commerce is a framework for exchange and sharing on trade facilitation


It aims to promote the concept of national and regional single window in compliance with recommendations of international institutions. Single window boosts development of inter and intra regional trade in Africa; business are more competitive and ready to meet challenges of globalization :

African Alliance for e-Commerce purpose:

  • establish a structure facilitating dialogue and cooperation among members, within organisms and structures willing to adhere to the Alliance;
  • define common objectives on the stakes of electronic business in general and Single Windows in particular;
  • set up a platform of exchange of Single Window experiences in Africa in a bid to enable countries of the region to have a reference framework;
  • establish a framework of competence to help African countries in the development of their Single Window projects;
  • set up a framework of sharing of resources and skills to facilitate the establishment of regional Single Windows;
  • contribute to Africa’s representation in international forums and contribute to the development of the concept at global level, but mainly within Africa;
  • apply international standards and norms relative to the establishment of Single Windows and promote them in Africa in a move to ensure interoperability with the other regions of the world without substantial efforts;
  • promote regional and inter-regional Single Windows in Africa;
  • be a focal point for development partners and international institutions interested in promoting Single Windows in Africa;
  • develop closer working relations among members of the Alliance.
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